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2021 Bubble-Net Photography Tours

We will help you capture frame worthy images while witnessing one of mother nature’s greatest events. This awe-inspiring group feeding is on display as often as 70+ times per day!

3 Full Days - Minimum of 24 Hours - $1899pp


Join professional photographer Dan Evans and Captain Neil McDermott photographing one of nature’s most extraordinary events on a 3-day guided photography expedition with a minimum of 24 hours on the water. During this expedition, we will make sure we are in the right spot at the right time for you to capture fantastic images. Imagine the shots you will get when up to 20 humpback whales simultaneously explode out of the water, throat grooves bulging with herring and seawater as gulls and bald eagles frantically converge, plucking leftovers seemingly from their open mouths. This time of the year is the absolute best time, and Sitka is the best place to get stunning pictures of humpback whales Bubble-net feeding. It was with good reason the BBC chose Sitka during this timeframe to film the documentary Planet Earth’s bubble-net feeding content. We will witness this awe-inspiring group feeding display as often as 70+ times per day.


March 23, 2021 – March 25, 2021    Four (4) Spaces Available

March 28, 2021 – March 30. 2021    Six (6) Spaces Available

With only six (6) photographers onboard, we maximize your one-on-one time with our professionals allowing each photographer the space to maneuver on the boat. We are resolute in helping you get the beautiful Alaskan images you have come to secure and are thrilled to share with family and friends. Your vessel for this journey is the deluxe adventure cruiser, MV Cat Daddy. This spacious and smooth riding 43’ catamaran has a generously equipped heated cabin complete with galley, restroom, and plenty of comfortable seating. The MV Cat Daddy features wrap-around windows and expansive decks making her the ideal platform for uncrowded photography opportunities.

Expeditions in Action

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A Whale's Song Expeditions

Sitka, Alaska

"As a  respectful and responsible whale watching company we adhere to strict  approach regulations and do not intentionally approach whales within 100 yards"