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Single & Multi-Day 

Our team of professional local photographers are resolute to getting you beautiful photos of Alaskan wildlife. With a maximum of 6 guests per tour, our expeditions provide individualized instruction & one-on-one attention. Sitka’s marine environment is among the most dramatic locations in the world. 

Bubble-Net Feeding Humpback Whales

Join professional photographer Dan Evans and Captain Neil McDermott photographing one of nature’s greatest events. This is the absolute best time and Sitka is the unsurpassed place to capture frame worthy photos of this remarkable display. During your tour we frequently witness this as often as 70 + times per day. Envision the stunning images we will help you capture when up to 20 whales explode through the water with their mouths agape, throat grooves bulging with herring and seawater. Click Here to see availabilities. Reserve your space by calling 907-738-9890.


The perfect time to capture the sunrays as they touch and graze the marine wildlife and topography of the hundreds of islands throughout Sitka Sound.  The beautiful long-lasting vibrant colors make for gorgeous photographs which only an Alaskan Sunset tour can provide!


Arrival and departure times will be confirmed after booking. 


A memorable tour of the waters surrounding Sitka with a selection of beautiful locations for the perfect shot of Alaska’s marine wildlife & landscapes. Get the attention from our photo professional other operators don't offer. Have fun and acquire stunning images on your tour! 

Arrival and departure times will be confirmed after booking.

Glacier Bay & Southeast Alaska
Aug 20-27, 2021

Join this all-inclusive expertly curated adventure, aboard a custom-built expedition boat. Our team of professionals are devout in helping you capture amazing images as we meander through legendary passages, bays crammed with sculpted bergs of ancient blue ice and to ports and landings seldom seen by Alaskan visitors. You will be amazed by all photo opportunities this bucket list experience has to offer!


  • Iconic Alaska Wildlife - whales, porpoise, seals, rare seabirds, mountain goats, wolves, coastal brown bears, moose and more.

  • Majestic Alaskan Landscape - tidewater glaciers, rugged mountains, temperate rainforest, wild coastlines, seascapes, and towering waterfalls.

  • Macro Alaska – Uniquely Alaskan fauna and tidepool life.

  • Southeast Alaska Culture – Tlingit, Russian, and modern Alaskan fishing villages, cultural icons, totems, canoes, ceremonial structures, and historic locations.


Designed explicitly for the skilled and novice enthusiasts desiring a full day's immersion experience capturing compelling images of the creatures and stunning landscapes on the waters of Sitka. The greatest thing about this tour is we can take advantage of the most ideal wildlife opportunities that become available during the day! 

Ultimate Alaska

Photo opportunities abound during this exclusive tour! We connect you with the best locations for humpback whales and transient killer whales performing such athletic feats as breaching, tail-slapping and possibly the cooperative feeding behavior called “Bubble Netting.” Bears, Otters, Eagles and Puffins are also common subjects. If one of your goals is to create original and impactful wildlife photos this is the tour for you!

Majestic Alaska

Imagine Alp-like peaks of the Tongass Forest and the crimson streaked Mt Edgecumbe volcano as the background while you photo iconic Alaskan wildlife. Attain images that are tack sharp with the right composition that communicates the story of that moment in time during this exclusive trip. This tour allows for a fluid itinerary and the ability to explore a variety of Sitka's territory and fauna!




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Sitka, Alaska

"As a  respectful and responsible whale watching company we adhere to strict  approach regulations and do not intentionally approach whales within 100 yards"