Our Guiding Principles

Guest Service:

We aim to surprise and delight in all our guest interactions. Our entire team is committed to provide an enchanting level of customer service that is informative, safe and respectful to our guests and our organizational partners.

Honesty & Transparency:

Whenever we deal with our guest and organizational partners, we reveal honesty and trust in every step. We are committed to honesty, loyalty and exacting standards of ethical conduct.


We will seek ways to help sustain healthy wildlife viewing and  a healthy eco-system around the planet.


We believe in building and maintaining long term, professional win-win relationship with our team members and organizational partners to achieve mutual successes. We do and act as a team to make a synergic effect and result.

Product Excellence:

We continuously analyze our processes and product performance We will add or adjust them to increase guest satisfaction with the goal of being the premiere eco-tour company in Sitka.


We are committed to developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and up to date research information for our guests and organizational partnerships.

Continual Improvement:

We are committed to provide continual improvement in terms of service delivery, and technology understanding that improvement is essential to providing the best possible guest experience.


We will only offer responsible & sustainable expeditions. We are stewards of the marine environment and it’s wildlife.

A Whale's Song Expeditions  -  907.738.9890

M Squared Enterprises LLC

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Our vessel adheres to the Alaska Humpback Whale Approach regulations

and does not intentionally approach whales within 100 yards