Whale & Wildlife Photography Expeditions


This excursion is designed explicitly for the enthusiasts desiring a full day’s immersion capturing compelling images of the creatures and stunning landscapes on the waters of Sitka. Your 7-hour expedition is limited to just 4 guests and led by our photography expert / naturalist who will mentor and provide personal attention throughout the excursion. Before heading out on the water you will also attend a forum discussing camera protection in the marine environment, camera settings and adjustments for conditions anticipated and species-specific behaviors we expect to encounter to help create intriguing compositions. The National Geographic maxim about wildlife and landscape photography,” f/8 and be there”, still holds true. We will get you there and then help you frame Sitka’s incredible natural world. Our guests routinely photograph the dozens of humpbacks congregating in the waters surrounding Sitka. The colorful Tufted Puffin, rafts of Sea Otters with pups, Coastal Brown Bears, Dall’s and Harbor Porpoise, Gray Whales, Orcas, Eagles by the hundreds, Rhino Auklets, Stellar and California Sea Lions, and Sitka Black-tailed Deer are some of the additional species that can be the focus of your composition. Of course there will also be endless opportunities for gorgeous landscapes of the vast Tongass National Forest.


1 Day Expeditions


Imagine the Alp-like peaks of the Tongass National Forest and the crimson streaked dormant Mt Edgecumbe volcano as the background in your view finder as you photograph Whales, Puffins, Sea Otters, Eagles, Coastal Brown Bears and other Alaskan wildlife during your 12 hours on the water as part of this exclusive Expedition. Renowned Alaskan Photographer and Naturalist Lione Clare will expertly lead a 2-hour workshop in our float house meeting room on day one. Then, she will be aboard individually mentoring on all expeditions, helping you attain images that are tack sharp with the right composition that communicates the story of that moment in time. All this plus listening to soothing whale songs and calls with our amplified on-board hydrophone.

Includes: Transportation to and from your local Sitka, Alaska accommodations and 3 whale and wildlife photography excursions for a minimum of 12  hours of private photo trips. These 2 day expeditions are offered June 1st thru September 8.


2 Day Expeditions


Pods of Humpback whales, numbering as many as 20, feed as a team in the nutrient rich waters of Sitka Sound in the fall and winter. Alaska is the only place on the planet to photograph the cooperative feeding behavior called “Bubble Netting.” We often witness their other athletic feats such as breaching, lob-tailing and spy-hopping. All this plus listening to soothing whale songs and calls with our amplified on-board hydrophone. The Tongass National Forest and the snow capped Mt Edgecumbe volcano provide jaw dropping backgrounds for humpbacks and other Alaskan wildlife photography. This exclusive expedition includes a minimum of 20 hours on the water with instruction and mentoring from our photography expert Lione Clare, and a 2 hour photography workshop. Designed for both avid and amateur photographers with goals to create original and impactful wildlife photographs within the Alaskan marine ecosystem.

Includes: Transportation to and from your local Sitka accommodations. Available starting mid September through November.


3 Day Expeditions

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Our vessel adheres to the Alaska Humpback Whale Approach regulations

and does not intentionally approach whales within 100 yards