"Great things happen when you 
     combine beauty and passion" 

    Sitka’s only wildlife tour company belonging to Whale SENSE and Alaska’s only partner with the World Cetacean Alliance. Organizations dedicated to responsible and sustainable cetacean touring as well as protecting species through coordinated research goals. We proudly dedicate 5% of our profits to the Alaska Raptor Center and the Sitka Maritime Heritage Society, local organizations that promote conservation, education, research and the protection of Sitka's cultural heritage and natural resources. This is our commitment to preserving the beauty and privilege of living in this incredible ecosystem.

    The glacier capped Alp-like peaks of Tongass National Forest and the crimson streaked dormant Mt Edgecumbe volcano provide the backdrop as you explore the nature and beauty of the pristine waters surrounding Sitka. Enjoy a front row seat to this breathtaking ecosystem teeming with wildlife. We have a variety of packages available that are suitable for all ages.

    Explore with Sitka’s premier small group and naturalist-led boating adventure company. Have your cameras ready to spot Whales, Otters, Puffins, Bears, and more, while listening to soothing whale songs and calls on our hydrophone. Most importantly, we offer personal nature experiences you simply can't get as part of a tour with hundreds of other passengers. It's a superior way to discover Alaska!

    Alaska tops many a wildlife photographer's bucket list. Imagine the incredible images you’ll capture on one of our Wildlife Photography Expeditions with glacier-capped alpine peaks as your background as a pod of Humpback whales explode out of pristine waters. Expert coaching and mentoring by our photography leader will help you take original and impactful wildlife photographs of whales and the Alaskan marine ecosystem!

    The main attraction on these exclusive expeditions is Saint Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge, an ideal location to admire breeding colonies of Petrels, Murres, Auklets, Pigeon Guillemots, Gulls, and Puffins. In the nesting area of this small island the density can reach an incredible 70,000 birds per acre. It is a Orno-buff’s paradise. High-quality binoculars are always on hand for wildlife sightings!

    Listen To Our Customers

    "I've been on countless whale watching tours before, but using a hydrophone so we could hear the whales as well as see them was a whole new experience."

    Kevin M.

    Dec. 2017

    “I have lived here nearly 40 years and this trip was special."

    Rich M

    Dec. 2017


    "The trip with Neil was amazing!! I highly recommend a tour with him.”

    Josh V

    Nov. 2017


    “If you want to see whales (and hear them) while you are in Sitka, GO THROUGH A WHALES SONG EXPEDITIONS!"

    Jessica E

    Oct. 2017


    A Whale's Song Expeditions  -  907.738.9890

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    Our vessel adheres to the Alaska Humpback Whale Approach regulations

    and does not intentionally approach whales within 100 yards