Sitka Whale Watching Tour, Sitka Wildlife Photography

Our Vessel


Ride in safety and comfort aboard our custom-built 43-foot, expedition-style catamaran featuring a spacious, heated cabin with ample deluxe seating, restroom, and galley. She is US Coast Guard 4-star rated and equipped with numerous redundant safety and navigational equipment. Listen to the mysterious and soothing sounds of whales on our research quality hydrophone. Unparalleled viewing opportunities are facilitated by large wrap-around windows and an expansive open-air deck. We have marine binoculars for our guests' use and a computer to view your photo's on a large screen. Catdaddy is the very best marine watching and photographing platform in Sitka, with plenty of storage and equipment charging capacity.


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A Whale's Song Expeditions

Sitka, Alaska

"As a  respectful and responsible whale watching company we adhere to strict  approach regulations and do not intentionally approach whales within 100 yards"