Alaskan Whale & Wildlife Photography 

Half-Day / Full Day & Multi-Day Expeditions

Half-Day and Full-Day  Expeditions

Alaskan Sunrise
Saturdays and   
Alaskan Sunrise
Saturdays & Sundays

A memorable tour of the waters surrounding Sitka with a selection of beautiful locations for the perfect shot of Alaska’s marine wildlife & landscapes. Get the attention from our photo professional other operators don't offer. Have fun and acquire stunning images on your tour! 

Arrival and departure times will be confirmed after booking.



The perfect time to capture the sunrays as they touch and graze the marine wildlife and topography of the hundreds of islands throughout Sitka Sound.  The beautiful long-lasting vibrant colors make for gorgeous photographs which only an Alaskan Sunset tour can provide!

Arrival and departure times will be confirmed after booking.

Full-Day Exposure
Select Dates Available

Designed explicitly for the skilled and novice enthusiasts desiring a full day's immersion experience capturing compelling images of the creatures and stunning landscapes on the waters of Sitka. The greatest thing about this tour is we can take advantage of the most ideal wildlife opportunities that become available during the day!

Gray Whale Photo Expeditions Expeditions

Sitka is a feeding stop for the Gray Whale and a place where as many as 50 Gray Whales congregate in a One (1) sq mile area grazing in water as shallow as 10 feet deep. Join us for this fantastic season as we search for these magnificent creatures on their incredible annual migration...LEARN MORE

April 15 - May 5, 2021
April 15 - May 5, 2022
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

 Multi-Day Expeditions

2 Full Days - 16 Hours in the field 

Imagine the Alp-like peaks of the Tongass Forest and the crimson streaked Mt Edgecumbe volcano as the background while you photo iconic Alaskan wildlife. Attain images that are tack sharp with the right composition that communicates the story of that moment in time during this exclusive trip. This tour allows for a fluid itinerary and the ability to explore a variety of Sitka's territory and fauna!


3 Full Days - 24 Hours in the field 

Photo opportunities abound during this exclusive tour! We connect you with the best locations for humpback whales and transient killer whales performing such athletic feats as breaching, tail-slapping and possibly the cooperative feeding behavior called “Bubble Netting.” Bears, Otters, Eagles and Puffins are also common subjects. If one of your goals is to create original and impactful wildlife photos this is the tour for you!


Bubble-Net Feeding Humpback Whale Photography Expeditions

3-Days / 24 Hours

Join professional photographer Dan Evans and Captain Neil McDermott photographing one of nature’s most extraordinary events on a 3-day guided photography expedition. Imagine the shots you will get when up to 20 humpback whales simultaneously explode out of the water, throat grooves bulging with herring and seawater as gulls and bald eagles frantically converge, plucking leftovers seemingly from their open mouths. This time of the year is the absolute best time, and Sitka is the best place to get stunning pictures of humpback whales Bubble-net feeding...LEARN MORE

March 23-25, 2021           4 - Spaces Left
March 28-30, 2021           6 - Spaces Left
March 31-April 2, 2021    6 - Spaces Left
April 3-5, 2021                 6 - Spaces Left
March 22-24, 2022           2 - Spaces Left
March 25-27, 2022           2 - Spaces Left
March 28-30, 2022           Sold Out -  Call for Waitlist
March 31-April 2, 2022     Sold Out - Call for Waitlist
April 3-5, 2022                  6 - Spaces Left

Southeast Alaska & Glacier Bay Photo Expedition 

8-Days 7-Nights

.This all-inclusive* 8-day 7-night expedition combines the finest in Southeast Alaskan photo destinations along with cultural travel. Our local professionals have an intimate knowledge of the wildlife, geography, and the ability to share our region's culture and flavor. They are committed to sharing each of these with you and ensuring you capture the images you can be proud to share with family and friends. We will explore places seldom seen by Alaskan visitors, allowing you to view the region in a way you may not have seen on your own...LEARN MORE

During this fantastic Expedition, we will focus on the following subjects and more!

Alaskan Wildlife Photography - Whales, Porpoise, rare Seabirds, Mountain Goats, Moose, Brown Bears.

Alaskan Landscape – Tidewater Glaciers, Rugged Mountains, Rainforest, Wild Coastlines, Seascapes.

Macro Photography – Fireweed, Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar, Tidepool Life, Sea Urchins, Sea Stars, Kelp, Snails.

Cultural Photography – Tlingit, Russian, Fishing Villages, Totems, Canoes and Ceremonial Structures.

August 20-27, 2021
August 19-26, 2022
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*Does not include airfare to and from Sitka


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